The ideas in the papers and reports linked on this page emerged from talking to experienced professional enginers and  making observations from recorded events. They are not the result of scholarly research. I apologise to those who have written papers or books on problem solving who may justifiably claim that I have omitted to reference their work.


1. To Engineer  IEIS Strategy Report, 2017

In this report I used the word engineer as a verb meaning ‘to solve complex problems skilfully’. 8 strategies that are used to engineer solutions to complex problemsg are discussed.


2. The discipline of critical thinking    January 2021

This paper is under review.

The contents are:
1. Introduction
2. Contexts that illustrates, via examples, some of the positive strategies and some of the pitfalls in critical thinking.
3. Principles for critical thinking .
4. Education for critical thinking  that discusses how people might learn to use the principles discussed in Section 3.


Leadership and ethos in complex problem solving IESIS Journal paper, 2019

This paper introduces the idea that one can characterise competence in relation to skill, ethos and character.


Engineering for Energy IESIS Strategy report 2018

This report, autnored by the IESIS Energy Strategy Group, is about how complex problem solving principles may be adopted in planning for energy.


The ethos of Professional Engineering  IESIS Journal paper, 2014

In this paper, I introduced the use of the word ‘ethos’ to denote the main mode of thinking needed for problem solving. 


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